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I am David Kerr and I have been a keen gardener and plantsman all my life. I have been growing and selling aquatic plants for over 30 years and have also previously owned a trout farm for 15 years where I sold rainbow and brown trout together with koi carp and other ornamental fish, coarse fish and trout. I specialise in growing plants for ponds, watersides and other damp places. I can send plants through regular first class mail at the appropriate time of year or plants can be collected from the nursery at any time by prior appointment. For more information on the ordering procedure please see the Ordering page.

The nursery is not open at regular times to the general public but I would be pleased to accept visitors with prior notice.

Plants not listed, or listed as out of stock, may still be available in small numbers - please enquire. Plug plants are sometimes available for varieties normally propagated from seeds or cuttings during May to August. These will generally take until the next growing season to flower but can be an economical way to plant large areas if an immediate result is not required.

Plants that are propagated by division such as named varieties of Iris, Ligularia and Rodgersia are only available as well established over wintered plants.

Unless stated, plants will be of a size you would expect to be sold in a 1 litre pot. A 1 litre pot is 10cm x 10cm x 10cm. Please note that most plants are not actually grown here in pots but in large shallow beds or ponds, they are harvested from here as required, so a section this size centred on a growing point is dug up to be prepared for posting. They are then washed to remove soil and weeds and reduce weight for packing. Later in the season, as they grow, leaves and flowering stems have to be trimmed back as many plants are tall. If you wish the plants to be sent untrimmed I can generally do this at an additional postage cost, but it is impractical to send full height plants over 1 metre. Please note that mat forming plants like Anagallis, Baldellia, Myosotis and Veronica do not look much once root washed as there is very little root and the plant itself is small. These are generally fast growing plants and will soon be away once planted.

Water lilies are supplied ex 3 litre pots unless stated; their tubers will have at least one main growing point and should flower the same year as purchased if bought before June. Pygmy lilies are ex 1 or 2 litre pots - these lilies are much smaller than standard varieties (duh!); the tuber may be no bigger than the top joint of your thumb. They are slow growing and are only suitable for warm shallow water in full sun, up to 30cm deep but preferably 15-20cm. Please refer to the waterlily section on the Information page for more details.

Oxygenators are supplied as generous leaded bunches of 8-10 strands, depending on season and bushiness of each strand. At certain times of year when they are too brittle to bunch, they may be supplied loose. Floating plants like frogbit are sold as portions; early in the season these plants are tiny and portions will seem small. Later on, once they get going, portion sizes will look more generous. However, a single frogbit plant bought in June will not solve your algae problem on its own!

Planted 100 litre drums are available for projects where larger and more mature plants are required. If collected, these represent a good saving on buying individual plants, and can be split on site into the size of clumps required. Generally speaking the economics only make sense for collection since transport of these large and heavy containers will cost much more than the plants themselves.

They can be left on site indefinitely if conditions do not favour immediate planting. They are available for most of the larger native plants and a few popular non-natives, prices start at £35 ex nursery depending on species. Please note these are single species containers, it is not practical to mix different plants in the drums. There is a £10 deposit on the drums, returnable on the return of clean undamaged drums.

Black Princess
Rodgersia Buckland Beauty
Iris versicolor Rowden Cadenza
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