Customer Reviews

Hello David.
When I planted out your plants I was really impressed by their health and vibrancy. They have taken really well, too. Is there anywhere I can leave feedback for you that will help you increase your customer base?
Many thanks, Jane

Dear David
Just to confirm I received the plants today - wonderfully packaged and to say I am 110% pleased with the plants is an understatement. Thank you very much. We have 4 natural ponds which I am gradually going to introduce native plants and will certainly be using you. I also work for a Woodland Consultant and often we are asked to stock woodland ponds after years of neglect so will suggest to my boss to use you to supply the plants.
Best regards in the meantime, Rob Brundle

Dear Mr. Kerr,
The plants arrived this morning and far exceeded my expectations. A lovely clump of G.Prorepens and also the Archillea Ptarmica. I immediately potted them up and they are in greenhouse until the end of this month as forecast is for colder weather & we might get a late frost in these parts. Genuinely really pleased with everything - packaging, fast delivery etc. and I've already recommended you to gardening friends.
Kind regards, Olivia Stewart

Hi David
Thank you. We received our order yesterday and we are very pleased with the quality of the plants. We will have no hesitation in ordering from yourself in the future.
Kind Regards, Christine Pratt

Hello David,
 My plants arrived yesterday and are now happy in the pond.  I wasn't sure what to expect but they were very well packaged and arrived in top condition. Thank you, if I need any more, I know where to come!
Samantha Napier

Dear Mr Kerr
My order arrived as predicted today in perfect condition. The plants looked as though they had just been harvested. It was great to be able to pot them up immediately. I was rather nervous placing my order with an unknown supplier over the internet  but it far exceeded my expectations. You will be a recommended supplier and I will placing further orders as I get to know my pond. Great service.
Kind regards, Sarah Harman

Plants arrived early this morning, they look strong and healthy and we will be planting them tomorrow morning - very happy, thank you.
Regards, Sarah Waring

Thank you very much, my plants arrived today as you said.They are well packed and look in great condition. I look forward to planting them.They were better packed than the last lot of pond plants I bought.It has been a pleasure dealing with you, everything was easy and straightforward.
Lynne Nield
Hi David. 
All plants received and in exceptional quality and condition.
Many thanks. John Beresford

David, the plants arrived today in great condition.... You exceeded my expectations... I'd have hesitation in recommending you, and will keep an eye out for what else I can plant......
Thanks so much....
All the best, Karen Dukes - Deals Partner

Hi Mr Kerr,
Thank you so much for the order. It arrived nicely packaged & the plants were actually bigger than I thought they would be so they already look the bee knees in place which I had arranged before hand. Once they water is settled I will email you a picture just too see if I have placed them correctly.
Thank you once again.
Andy Jeffery 

Good morning, I am writing to confirm receipt of my pond plants. They arrived yesterday and I spent an enjoyable afternoon planting them. The plants were all well packed and in good condition. Would I recommend you to others...certainly. Garden centre's are okay but you should go to the experts to ensure quality. The planting guidance was clear the baskets essential, almost unable to get that size at the garden centre. My pond is looking really good and I am sure the fish are going to be much happier.
Many thanks for all of your assistance.
Regards, Margaret Wilson

Hi David, received the plants this afternoon, great packaging, healthy plants, good size, so no problems at all,very happy!
Thank you, David Chalmers.

Thankyou so much the plants arrived today and were excellent I will definitely come back again. 
Sue Walker

Good afternoon, the plants I ordered arrived safely and in good condition.  I am very pleased, and will be ordering some more later.
Many thanks, Louise Ludgate

Dear David,
Ceratophyllum has arrived safety and again has exceeded expectations as I am very happy with how much plant you count as 1 bunch.
Cheers, Mike Coogan

Hello David
Just to say thank you for the plants - they arrived in good condition yesterday afternoon.  They seem to be very good quality, and I will definitely order from you again.
Thanks again for your very prompt service and attention.
Best wishes, Mandy Ward 

Hi David
Just wanted to say that my order arrived safely today, right on schedule and that I am really pleased with the quality of your plants. Excellent service, thank you. I would not hesitate to recommend you.
Regards, Andy Steege

Dear David
Thanks very much for my pond plants which arrived safely in excellent condition last Tuesday.  I was very pleased with ALL of the plants and I even divided the water forget-me-not between two smaller pots so the quantity of that particular plant exceeded my expectations.
I am grateful to you for selling your pond plants earlier than garden centres and most other websites and that is the reason, plus your sensible prices (and P&P charges), that I placed my order with you.  I was also very impressed with the way the plants were packaged.
All the plants are now looking great in my pond and hopefully the frogs and newts will appreciate them too. I would most definitely recommend you to others and hope to order from you again in the future.
Many thanks for providing such an excellent service. 
Carolyn Stollery

Hello David
Plants arrived on Friday! All planted by Saturday lunchtime.
Thank you for the great service. The plants were all well packed and arrived in excellent condition. The plants all seem very healthy and of great quality.
Thank you again!
George Bell, Black Torrington, Devon

Hello David,
Following up on my previous email, I have now potted the plants up and I am very pleased with them, your satisfied customers were not wrong very generous amounts of each plant fingers crossed they will all take.
Many thanks, Graham Mobbs

Dear Mr Kerr
Order received today, good looking and nice size plants.
Very pleased.
Many thanks, Anna Bagwell

Hi David,
Thank you, everything has arrived today, well packaged and all the plants are really healthy and in a good condition. 
Regards, Sheldon Lachambre

Dear David
Many thanks for sending the plants so promptly. They are all happily in my pond, which is already looking a lot healthier for having more oxygenators in it.
All the best, Hilary King

Received plants on 18th which was very good as the the 17th was a Public Holiday. Package and plants in good condition. Thanks Norman Armstrong

Dear David,
All present and correct with order. Thank you.  Arrived the next day well packaged and with attractive and helpful labels. 
I was expecting smaller, less mature plants (considering low price) so was delighted with what has arrived. they are already enjoying the brisk Scottish air. 
Many Thanks, Penny Morrison

Dear Mr. Kerr
Re: Oxygenating Plants
Plants arrived this morning 18.03.14 in excellent condition.
Look really healthy.Planted immediately. Will be placing an order for marginals next week
Regards, Mike Wilson

Dear David
Just a quick email to say the plants arrived on Friday in great condition -
All are now planted!
Many thanks for your help and no doubt I will be in touch again in the future.
With many thanks
Rob Beswick

Dear Mr Kerr,
My order arrived safely this, morning.  Thank you very much for your really fast customer service. The plants look as I thought they would for early in the season and are nice and healthy. The water hawthorn became rather limp (my fault) as unfortunately the sun got to it before I could plant it.  I’m sure it will recover now it is in the pond. I will be ordering more plants soon, looking round at the garden centres and so called aquatic specialists, you have the best selection of water gardening plants. Value very good too. 
Best wishes, Gwen Cantwell

Hi David,
Thankyou for sending my order which I received yesterday by post.Everything was as I had hoped and thanks also for the extras.
Regards, Andrew Adams.

Thanks David. Order did indeed arrive today and everything within looks hale and hearty.

Thanks all species arrived safe and sound. All well labelled and they look good. I shall enjoy planting them later today and hope they all take.
Matthew Bennett

Hi David, the plants arrived this morning, my son has fetched them, and their pond awaits. As with my previous order, the plants look in tip top condition, nice and healthy, and I'm very pleased with them. Thankyou for the excellent service.
Kind regards, Kristina Derham.

Dear David,
Many thanks for the very prompt delivery of the pond plants.
All seem very good quality, and beautifully packed.
I appreciate your advice when I phoned with the order, it's good to have a personal touch!
Many thanks, Sharon Lake

Dear David
Just to let you know the plants arrived today. I am really happy as they are in even better nick than I thought they'd be given it is winter! They will both take off once things warm up a little and have lovely healthy root systems - so I would say the plants exceed my expectations! Many thanks for that.
Regards, Jane.

Hi David
Many thanks. Very happy. Found you after giving up with (name deleted to protect the guilty) Nursery - I laughed out loud when their "parcel" arrived: Strands of hornwort (£1.00 more a bunch than you charge) counted out as though there was a war on. Amount/Packaging described as: "1 portion is measured out in a 6x4x1 inch plastic container" - arrived in barely damp newspaper with the overall appearance it was all packed/dispatched with the care of being thrown across a room. 
Best wishes, Gavin

Hello David,
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to your nursery and water garden today. The garden is stunning and we both agree that we have never seen a better selection of plants. Thank you for taking the time to show us around and for your help in choosing our plants. They are all sitting in the pond ready to be planted tomorrow. I'm quite sure that I shall be wanting more plants before too long and look forward to returning to your lovely nursery. I hope we'll be able to have another look around the garden; there's so much to take in in one visit! Once again, many thanks,
Best Wishes, Nickie & Vince Jerrison

Hi David,
We thought you might like an update on how your plants are doing in the pond. As you can see all are doing well, and we are still delighted with the selection you provided!
John and Gini

Dear Mr Kerr 
I wanted to let you how delighted I am with my plants. They arrived at 3:30pm today -the courier had no problem finding us as he makes regular deliveries to the next but one farm.
I was very impressed with the quality and size of the plants and the very careful packaging . All the plants were in excellent condition , cool and moist, and were undamaged. I was pleasantly surprised to receive water lilies with buds on them, and even more so when one of them has opened already, within a couple of hours of going into the pond. 
All the plants are looking very happy in their new home and the goldfish seem very impressed. I'm assuming that the Aponogeton have to be gradually lowered into the pond in the same way as the Nymphaea -is that right? 
I attach a photo of the beautiful N.  Black Princess -from your pond in Devon to mine in Lanarkshire in 30 hours !!!  I have planted some dark red astilbe in the gravel next to the pond, and some dark red flowers plants in the adjacent border , which I hope will complement them. 
Kind regards, Lesley Whitefield 

Dear Mr. Kerr,
I phoned you to let you know my order arrived the very next morning but I should like to say how pleased I was with the packaging of the plants and the strong roots they had. The clear labels were also good to have. I cannot think how your service could improve - it's perfect!
Regards, Anne Preston [ Mrs.]

Plants arrived this morning, they are lovely - strong, healthy-looking, and  well-grown. I'm very pleased with them. I've potted (basketed) them up and I think I'm going to have a very nice pond thanks to you.
Kristina Derham

Hello David,
Plants arrived...WOW!!! Thank you so much for wonderful Aponogetums, they are super-sturdy chaps! Everything else gorgeous too, of course.
Catch up with you again in the near future.
Kind regards...Elizabeth

Many thanks, have arrived safe and well, I am very pleased with the plants, excellent quality, well wrapped. We are currently starting our pond again, as it has become infested with the dreaded duck weed, so everything has been thrown away. I have no hesitation in using you again and will use you in future.
Regards. Bridget Boniface

Hi David 
My plants arrived as promised on Friday and I'm very pleased with them. They are the finishing touch to our new pond. Your website is very honest and enabled me to make the right choices for plants that were suitable and not end up with anything too invasive as we have done in the past. I just couldn't resist a water lily called 'Nigel'. 
Regards, Caroline Bambridge

Hiya, David,
Plants arrived at noon, excellent packaging and healthy plants!
Thank you for going the extra mile.....if you need recommendations, I'll happily add my comments.
Ps....I will certainly come to you again if I need more!

Dear David,
My plants arrived safely today about an hour ago in good condition, due I think to the multiple layers of packaging. I found your website full of down to earth practical advice, and appreciated the planting instructions on the plant labels which were very helpful (especially to a novice pond owner like myself). I will use you again if I have any more pond requirements.
Thank you! Chris Neuss 

Hi David
The plants arrived safely, and are now looking good in our pond. You were right, we are very pleased with the quality of the plant material received.
Thank you for all your help with this order.
Best regards, Andy Savage, National Trust

Hi David,
The plants you sent were absolutely fantastic, we were really delighted with them.
In spite of what you said on your website, I was sort of expecting something which might take 2 or 3 years to come to anything.
Not so, they are in and already making new leaves! The brooklime is looking very perky at pond edge...
It was great to receive such strong healthy plants and several I was able to split into 2 or 3, so what a bonus.
So once again thanks for the great service and plants. My 92 year old Dad is pleased as well as this is his xmas pressie being spent.
Phyl and Neil Spence

Dear Mr Kerr
My order arrived as predicted today in perfect condition.  The plants looked as though they had just been harvested. It was great to be able to pot them up immediately.  I was rather nervous placing my order with an unknown supplier over the internet  but it far exceeded my expectations. You will be a recommended supplier and I will placing further orders as I get to know my pond. Great service.
Kind regards, Sarah Harman

David the Royal Mail arrived to deliver at 10.35 on Tuesday when we were out. I collected the plants today and all were in excellent condition and have planted them all. I am well satisfied with everything for the price I played thank you.
Regards Ted Jukes. 

Dear Mr Kerr,
Plants arrived yesterday in excellent condition. Very pleased with same.
Regards, Jim Hamilton

Hi there, 
Arrived on Friday- thank you, very pleased! 
Sarah May

Your very well packed plants arrived this morning. Thank you so much for all your help. 
Laurette Evans

Dear David,
Many thanks for the very prompt delivery of the pond plants.
All seem very good quality, and beautifully packed.
I appreciate your advice when I phoned with the order, it's good to have a personal touch!
Many thanks, Sharon Lake

Dear David,
This is just to let you know that the plants have arrived safely and exceeded my expectations in that a couple of them had more individuals than I had expected so as well as around my pond I could put a couple of plants in next to a stream.
Many thanks and I hope the weather isn't causing you too many problems. I will be in touch again when your oxygenators are in season.
Cheers, Mike Coogan

Dear David,
Just a line to say that the plants you sent are all growing very well and really thriving in the stream.  They've come on strongly in the last week and the marsh marigold has three fat buds on it already.
I'm really pleased and just want to say thank you.
Good wishes, Christine Bennetts

and so grateful for your help and advice... The pond is looking really good. I shall be back !
Best Wishes, Sara Birt

Dear David, Many thanks for all the help you have given us over the plants for our garden Everyone much enjoyed the visit to your garden and we appreciated you spending so much time helping us with.
Best wishes, Sue. Prof Susan Blackmore

Hi. Plants all received. Thanks - they look good!
Regards Siobhan Rimmer

David. Plants arrived safely today, looked wonderful & have been safely planted thanks so much for your help. I may well take up your kind offer to come & get some ideas from your ponds later in the year.
Regards Andy Latham

Dear David,Thank you so much for the plants, we are really pleased with them and all the help you have given us.
Kindest regards, Maxine and Steve Wynne

Thanks David. Both plants arrived safely and of good quality and planted in pond. Clay based natural pond so both straight into the mud.
David Loder

Hi David. The plants arrived safely yesterday and are now planted in the pond. We were very pleased with them and the service.
Regards Moyra David

Order delivered today. Nice looking plants in good condition.Your service couldn't be better and I will be happy to recommend you to others.
Best Regards Ian Wigley

I have just recommended your nursery to my garden design son, Peter, hopefully he will be placing an order when it becomes necessary. Happy to recommend you.
Thanks Jean Burgess-Allen

Hi David, The plants are here and my husband is exceptionally happy with them. Many thanks for the excellent service and communication.
Kind regards, Lisa Hudig

Hi David, Thank you so much for the plants they are great and seem to be settling in well to the new pond.Your advice and assistance in dropping them off is much appreciated.
Many thanks Heley. Lovely plants !

David, Plants arrived well packed & safe, you certainly supply good plants. No duck weed etc. My local garden centre is awful, all covered in weed & not looking healthy at all. One thing I found very helpful on your website was the comments you make, thuggish etc. stopped me buying the wrong plants on occasions, very helpful. Aren't the leaves a lovely colour on the Nearly black waterlily, can't wait for it to flower. Summer has come suddenly, it has been a long winter, but my, how everything has taken off now, so strong too.
Thanks again, enjoy the Summer, Regards Jean Burgess-Allen

Dear David. My order arrived today. The plants were in good condition and were bigger than I had expected. I would be happy to recommend you and use you again in the future. Thank you for an excellent service.
Regards Sonia Smith

Hi David. Yes received and put into my pond last evening - I was very impressed with the quality of the plants and the care taken in their packaging. The Crowfoot were a little ragged but you did pre-warn me of this possibility in our phone call. But everything else was perfect. My expectations were exceeded.You are my first port of call for all follow up orders for plants etc for my pond in the years to come.

Dear David. Plants arrived about 1 pm. Thanks very much - generous portions greatly appreciated. The packaging works fine.
Best wishes, Malcolm

Dear David. Just to let you know that the order arrived safe and sound by the post yesterday. The plants are in the pond and doing a grand job. I do not think you could improve on the service in any way. Thank you - I will be in touch soon as I was interested in your bog primroses which started me thinking.
Regards Pam Prior

Hello just to let you know the water Lilly's came this morning, thank you very much they are lovely plants.
Kind regards Mrs S Dempsey

Hello David. Just to let you know - the missing Water Soldier was safely received today. Gorgeous plant and fantastic customer care - thank you.
Kindest regards Alison Martin

Hi David, Lilies arrived safely yesterday morning....... I am absolutely delighted with them, healthy, lovely strong plants. Thank you very much.
Kind regards Sarah Morris.

Dear David - Plants arrived in top condition yesterday (21 June). I did not know what to expect, but I am very pleased with the size and good condition of your plants. I hope to be back with another order when I have a better idea of needs. Also, your pricing is very competitive. I'm glad to have found your website. Now, to put them in their proper pots between the raindrops.
Cheers, Preston

Hi David, your plants arrived safely yesterday. They were extremely well packaged and appear to be in excellent condition. I hope to settle them into my pond this weekend and don't expect any problems. Well done and good luck with your business.
Best wishes Ian

David. Thank you so much for my plants. I would have been at a complete loss to know what plants to get without your help. When they first arrived I thought I had too many for my tiny pond but they actually fit in well with room to grow! The forget-me-not is already attracting bees and the plant pots themselves have turned into perfect resting places for the fogs.
Thanks again! Anna

Dear David,The plants arrived this morning and I have got them all in. They were in excellent condition and the packaging very easy to sort out - thank you very much. I hope they do well in my pond. I will certainly be in touch when I make my next (5th!) pond.
Best wishes, Kate

Hi David. The plants arrived safely, and are now looking good in our pond. You were right, we are very pleased with the quality of the plant material received.Thank you for all your help with this order.
Best regards Andy Savage, National Trust

Dear Mr Kerr, Lillies arrived in splendid condition this lunch time. Will be planted tomorrow morning.

Many thanks. Roy Milne

Hi David, Many thanks for the wonderful plants!! All arrived safely.
Kind regards, Paul

David Kerr, thank you, my order has arrived. Excellent delivery, Excellent condition, already in the pond. I would like to order a water lily at a later date and maybe a couple of the floating plants.
Regards Terry Millett

Hiya, David, Sorry it's late....long day yesterday! Plants arrived at noon, excellent packaging and healthy plants! Thank you for going the extra mile.....if you need recommendations, I'll happily add my comments.
Have a good weekend, Colin
PS....I will certainly come to you again if I need more!

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