Water Lilies
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I keep a very large range of water lilies in sizes ranging from 1 litre budget lilies to 28 litre planted baskets for an immediate impact in larger ponds or for display. Please enquire; some notice may be required. For an economical solution, lilies can be supplied as a given colour, i.e. red, white, pink or yellow at just over half the price of named varieties. Variable water lilies are supplied as named varieties only.

The only native water lily of the Nymphaea genus is N alba; I keep this in all sizes in reasonably large numbers for larger planting schemes.

My full range of lilies can be viewed by the links above. Prices are based on a three litre pot, unless otherwise stated. Miniature lilies will be smaller, approximately equivalent to a two litre pot. If you trawl eBay and the internet you may find cheaper lilies; I guarantee you won’t find better value. Please check out the tips on my information pages to get the best out of your lilies.
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